Summer Blow Drying Tips

Few things might give you more pleasure than sitting in a salon, when someone washes, brushes and then blow drys your hair, making them beautiful, glowing and frizz-free. The hottest looks these days are blow dry styles. However, getting same result at your home, with your own blow dryer, may not be impossible, but not easy either.

If you want to give it a try at home, following tips will help you get almost similar results that you got at salon, with your own hair dryer, free of cost. If you just had your hair done at salon before few days, these tips will help you extend that effect for a longer time.

Using proper tools is critical – First, you must have to research the best blow dryer Don’t compromise on this. You also need the best round brush for blowouts, a high quality round brush., and heat protectant spray. For best results, always look for a round brush with a mix of nylon and boar bristles.

Change the heat settings on your blow dryer for a comfortable air stream on your hair and back of head. Increase the setting for air stream instead of temperature setting, if you are in a hurry.

The ideal position for the dryer is at least 8-12 inches from your hair. For thin hair, keep the air stream to low to avoid hair getting tangled.

At least a fifteen minutes gap after shampooing is recommended before blow-drying the hair, to reduce heat exposure to the hair. A moisturizing shampoo is recommended before blow-drying session as it protects your hair with extra moisture. Towel-dry the hair first gently, as wet hair take longer to blow-dry – but don’t rub your hair with the towel harshly, as you don’t want to break your hair. After that, gel, spray or moose can be applied to style the hair, and you can shape the hair with a comb before blow-drying. Separating your hair into sections will help you blow-dry them faster.

While blowing, always blow-dry every single hair strand from its root to the end for smooth cuticle layers. Constantly move the rouhair dryer around the hair instead of focusing on a single spot, to avoid too much heat at one location.

The angle you hold the dryer and brush is very important – hold the blow-dryer horizontally and brush vertically as opposed to the other way around. Also, blow back instead of blowing forward. Stop before drying your whole head – leave hair a little bit damp.

Applying a cool air stream is highly recommended at the end of the blow-drying session, to give your hair more elasticity and reduce the extended heat effect on the hair, and having shiny, healthy, and well-protected hair. You can also apply good quality finishing products like hair spray, gel, wax or serum to give the hair final shape.

If you blow-dry your hair at home, ensure that you don’t overdo it – three or four times a week is enough. Don’t blow dry dripping wet hair – you don’t want to boil them. Use a towel first to dry them. Also, use a round brush with metallic center for better results.

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