Quadcopter FPV Racing – A Hot, New eSport

When quadcopters, or drones, first hit the scene itĀ seemed to be a temporary trendy tech toy, but as the time goes by, the drone technology improves making it more affordable to the masses and gaining more fans that expect new trends for this technological wonders.

Some people has added an amazing twist to drones, those speed lovers have created FPV quadcopter racing a new kind of eSport , and an exciting recreational use for drone technology that consisting in completing a set course at the fastest speed possible. This eSport finds teamsĀ battling it out in an arena adorned with brightly lit neon gates and flags in quest for air superiority. The pilots of the drone wear video goggles showing images from the camera of the drone and it give the perception of being in the drone.

Why is Quadcopter Racing So Hot Right Now?

In this case FVP quadcopter racing, also called FVP drone racing, is about eSports, which is a form of sport where the protagonist is the technological means being handled by human beings, this sport classification is very controversial, it is undeniable there are special skills needed to handle the dizziness caused by the video feed of the goggles and great space awareness to be fast and precise piloting a quadcopter without watching it directly, so it make sense to consider eSports as true sports that pits teams who think they have the best quadcopter for FPV against each other.

There are every time more FVP quadcopter racing competitions across the world, the first was just a couple of years ago in Australia, and now there are multiple racing leagues creating their own rules and regulations for their events. Drones competitions make fans and professional pilots very passionate and the increasing number of sponsors and event holders seem to know it. According to the Economist, the Drone Racing League has raised funds up to $8 million and among the generous investors appears the name of Stephen Ross, owner of the Miami Dolphins, an American-football team and an agency that represents film and sports stars.

Rules of FVP Quadcopter Racing

The base of the competition, according to The Drone Racing League, is a combination of completion time and checkpoints. There are teams for FVP racings and they work in a similar system to Formula 1 pilots. There are basic safety rules for the pilots in general and the events, like not turning up the video transmitter without making sure the channel is not being used, not flying and public places as it can be dangerous for other people.

FPV Race Types

FVP racing tv tells us the difference between each race:

Rotorcross – two or more multicopters race through a course and the winner is the first crossing the finish line.

Drag Race – works as a test of acceleration and top speed within a short distance.

Time Trial – the speed of a single multicopter is tested meanwhile the time it takes to get to the finish line is being recorded.

Big Events and Upcoming Competitions

In the U.S there are FVP racing contests kind of frequently, the biggest event last year was the 2015 Drone Racing National Championship, held at the stadium of the California state fair, the main prize was $ 25,000 and united over 100 pilots. The title was taken by the Australian Chad Nowack.

This year in January, another big event called MultiGP Championship was announced to spice up the competition dividing the competitors by regions and with the promise of creating a competitive environment that allows the pilots to grow according their skills.

It is hard to know what the future holds for this fantastic eSport, but so far the tendency is to a brilliant future, good news for the fanatics of Drone Racing and the quadcopter hobby.


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