Is Induction Cooking the Wave of the Future?

The US has always been ahead of times when it comes to the use of latest technology. The same is true with induction cooking. Millions of US households are now switching to induction cooktops. With so many options on the market, you can be rest assured that you will find the best induction cooktop for your needs!

How Induction Cooktop Works

Induction cooking is considered as a much superior method of cooking primarily due to the nature of heat it produces. While electric and gas cooktop create heat with the help of heating coils, or burners, induction cooktops cook your food by heating the pot itself. It might sound impossible, but in an induction cooktop a burner creates an electromagnetic current beneath the surface of the pot. This current runs through the pot and creates resistance in its metal, in turn creating the heat you need for cooking your food.

Induction Cooktop Basics

From a layman’s standpoint, a induction cooktop just heats up the metal cookware, and not the cooking surface. Therefore, even if induction burner is turned to “high” you won’t feel any heat on the surface! According to some, induction cookware can be made of a ferrous metal, or any magnetic material. You must make sure the cookware is induction compatible, by getting yourself a quality induction cookware set, for example. Once you have the right cookware, you just place it on the surface and you’ll get boiling water within mere moments. Unlike other electric cooktops, you can turn a induction cooktop burners up or down instantly, much like a gas burner, because its surface never has to heat up or cool down.

Induction Cooktops and Energy-Efficiency

The biggest benefit of induction cooking is much better energy efficiency. With traditional cooking methods, you might lose between 65 percent (natural gas) and 48 percent (electric coils) of heat they produce before their energy begins warming up the food. Some of the heat escapes in the surrounding air and heats up the kitchen instead of food, or it is absorbed by the cooktop surface. In any induction cooktop, the heat transfer efficiency is more than 93 percent, losing just 7 percent to other means. That means, you’ll use less energy and pay lower electricity bills to cook the meals using induction cooking over electrical or natural gas cooktop systems.

Portable Induction Stovetops

The best thing about induction cooktops is that they are compact and do not need any fixed mechanism for their operation. In fact, these days you can get portable induction cooktops that resemble bathroom weighing scale. Though you might be able to cook just one dish at a time, but you can do so right at the kitchen table or dining room without any fear of burning yourself or other family members. You can get these units in the range of $100-$1000. The higher end models come with multiple features.


While the induction cooking technology might seem like out of this world, but its installation is not. You can easily install induction cooktop. All you need is an electrical outlet to plug your induction cooktop. Most of the induction cooktops are less than 2” thin, so they can be installed anywhere in your kitchen. Interested in catching this wave of the future? Pick up your phone and talk to a appliance installer or kitchen contractor to know your options and procedure about getting a induction cooktop installed in your kitchen as soon as possible.

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