Hubpages Buys Squidoo

Have you heard the breaking news? It is out in the open now, HubPages is set to cannibalize Squidoo or more appropriately Squidoo is about to be acquired by HubPages. Squidoo and HubPages have been arch rivals and big players of content sharing and revenue generating online websites who accumulatively had over 4 billion visitors, and more than 5 million people have used the sites to host the contents since their creation. The move will make glory of HubPages rise to the stratosphere as it will become the largest website of its kind.

The motive behind it is to make a more dynamic platform that will attract more visitors and better opportunity for content creators to attract more visits. With the inking of the pact, all the best contents from Squidoo will be transferred to HubPages, and come September Squidoo pages will no longer be visible.

The HubPages platform has opened up and is ready for transfers right now, you just have to click the “Set Up Your Transfer” button and follow the user friendly instructions to successfully move your lenses automatically. If you don’t do it yourself, your lenses will be transferred and you get the prompt in your email and dashboard informing you of the action taken. Later you can set up your HubPages account to carry on with your revenue generation and make changes in your contents.

People with foresight vision can as well start creating their HubPages account by clicking the “get started’” button on their dashboard. This will allow them to set up their HubPages account and start creating their contents in the new environment.

The Squidoo users need not lose winks over their transferred content, for a 301 redirect will be set from the URL of Squidoo to HubPages, hence they will not lose visitors as the traffic will automatically be redirected. And yes, their payments will not be uninterrupted, if you have any outstanding amount with Squidoo, HubPages will take care of it.

Those who differ in their opinion with Squidoo and do not want their content to be transferred to HubPages, no issues as your dashboard allows you to download your data for your safekeeping, and you have the option to delete your Squidoo account. But do it before the deadline of August of 29, 2014.

It is a coordinated effort from both HubPages and Squidoo teams to make the transition a smooth one without glitches, and by October 1 everything is expected to be in place.

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