FPV Quadcopter Racing Coming to ESPN

Drones have become huge popular nowadays. Almost every tech lover is buying one, and the more capable ones are even making their own drones from scratch, by using the different equipment. It was only a matter of time before drone racing became the trend. It initially started off among just a few people. But with more and more people buying drones, drone racing has become hugely popular.

We’ve talked about how popularĀ FPV quadcopter racing is getting, and First Person View racing has become so popular, that leading sports channel ESPN has announced that they will air an upcoming event this summer. The event runs in NYC from August 5th-7th. We’ve talked about how hot FPV quadcopter racing is, and this is huge news for FPV drone racing lovers. If it continues like this way, it is expected to become the most popular tech sport in the coming years.

FPV drone racing has different races for both beginners as well as professionals. Beginners generally prefer to use the Hubsan X4. It looks slightly like a toy. But don’t be fooled by the looks. It is a very efficient quadcopter and can fly at a pretty high speed. However, it is not very easy to fly it. It takes a lot of time and skill to master it. After getting accustomed with it, beginners generally move to more advance drones. A racing drone generally consists of a video transmitter, a radio transmitter, a camera for recording, a FPV glass with a monitor to control it properly. Professional racers generally prefer to make their own drone, by using spare parts. Drones don’t come cheap, the price generally starts from $250 and the expensive ones cost around $1000. FPV googles have to be purchased separately, which will cost around $300. Apart from that, racers have to spend on regular maintenance to make sure their drone is running properly.

There are different kinds of races like
1. Drag Race: It takes place over a short distance, and mainly tests the skill and control of the racer.
2. Time Trial: Here a drone races alone. The finishing time of each drone is recorded, and the one with the lowest time wins.
3. Rotorcross: It is similar to what happens in Formula One. Many drones compete together, and the one who crosses the finishing line first wins.
Right now, drone racing is generally done by serious techies who have great knowledge about drones and its parts. But more and more beginners are gradually entering this sport. There are many drone racing racing groups who frequently conducts FVP racing. In California recently, the national drone-racing competition of USA was held. Around 120 racers participated in the race, and a guy from Australia named Chad eventually won the tournament.

FVP racing is gaining momentum at a very past pace. And it is not surprising that ESPN has decided to telecast the race.

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